Course Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn...

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    AFM Exam Preparation Content

    • AFM Exam Structure (from FMI)

    • AFM Study Guide (From FMI)

    • AFM Exam Planner Tool by dbrownconsulting

    • The AFM Exam Experience

    • Planning for the Exams

    • AFM Body of Knowledge (from FMI)

    • Skills Required for the AFM Exams

    • AFM Skills Checklist (From FMI)

    • Exam Study time required

    • Sample Exams & Models (From FMI)

  • 3

    1. Building the Model TAB Structure

  • 4

    2. Building the Scenario Sheet

    • Extracting Scenario Assumptions

    • Building the Scenario Structure

    • Replicating Scenario Blocks

  • 5

    3. Extracting Assumptions

    • Creating useful Styles

    • Extracting Revenue Assumptions

    • Extracting Cost Assumptions

    • Extracting Capex Assumptions

    • Building Working Capital Assumptions

    • Extracting Taxation Assumptions

    • Extracting Debt Assumptions

    • Building Equity Assumptions

    • Documenting Other Assumptions

  • 6

    4. Half Way Point! Review of your Model

    • Reviewing your Half Way Point, time check

  • 7

    5. Building the Model Sheet

    • Preparing for the Model Build

    • Linking Historical Financials

    • Building the Revenue Schedule

    • Building Cost of Sales Schedule

    • Building the Capex & Depreciation Schedule

    • Updating P&L Line Items

    • Completing Tax Computations

    • Building the Working Capital Schedule

  • 8

    6. Financing Schedules & the Cash Flow Sweep

    • Building the Equity Schedule

    • Updating Financial Statements before Debt Calculations

    • Building Debt & Interest Schedules

    • Modelling Excess Cash

    • Modelling the Revolver Cash Sweep

    • Calculating Interest Expense

    • Dealing with Circularity in your Model

  • 9

    7. Building the Summary Sheet

    • Selecting Summary Sheet Line Items

    • Building a Linked Summary Template

    • Replicating for All Scenarios

  • 10

    8. Finalising your Model

    • Carrying out Final Cross Checks

    • Download Solution Files for Exercises

  • 11

    9. Mastering logical calculations in Excel

    • FLAG

    • Mask Modeling Tool

    • Using the AND function

    • Using the or function

    • Using the xor function

    • Comparing the and or xor function

    • Using the not

    • Using the if

    • Converting the Boolean Logic into an IF Function Calculation

    • IFS Function

    • Switch function

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 12

    Evaluation & Course Certificate

    • Instructions

    • Evaluation & Digital Certificate

    • How to Attach your Certificates to your LinkedIn Profile


Financial Modeling and Analysis are highly respected skills in the business world and hugely sought after in the job marketplace

This course has been developed to cover the entire body of knowledge issued by the Financial Modeling Institute for Level One; Advanced Financial Modeler Designation. It is a highly intensive certificate course, it is structured as a blended course: online pre-work, face-to-face classroom, a mock exam and a preparation guide for the AFM Exams for those registered to take it

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to build a Financial Model under Exam conditions using a past exam script for Level 1 of the Financial Modeling Institute towards your Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) designation.

  • Design a modern model structure based on pre-determined model outputs & requirements

  • Build a clear revenue schedule to forecast company sales

  • Recall the techniques for model auditing tax and deferred tax treatment, depreciation calculations, integrity & error checking and more.

Featured Testimonial

“Attempting to tackle the AFM Exam is a bit daunting, which is why this course really shines brightly. Unlike many of the other excellent modeling courses out there, this course specifically focuses on the AFM exam and is a great combination of reviewing modeling skills and fine-tuning your exam preparation. This course is like the capstone to your AFM Exam preparation pyramid. There's nothing quite like it out there yet. It reviews the hard skills, sharpens the soft skills such as template preparation, gives exam tips to save time, advises on how to approach the exam, and brings all the needed skills together in an excellently paced course. Highly recommended.”

Sean Bhesania

“Dbrown's AFM step-by-step guide is a highly online participatory and inclusive guide just right for passing the rigorous AFM exams... Having mastered and practiced well this piece of knowledge, I was able to combine speed with financial modeling best practices in writing the exams and this earned me the AFM level 1 certification. It was a 4-hour exam but this guide gives you the edge to finish in a little bit over 3 hours and have enough time to check through. This guide demystified the AFM level 1 exam for me. it moves you from zero to hero just in a short while...Check out this guide if you ever want to seamlessly pass your AFM exam and get well equipped with financial modeling best practices.. Dapo Aloba AFM FCA ”

dapo aloba AFM FCA

“Amazingly Relevant and Tailored”

Rasheed Davis

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  • How does Virtual Training Work?

    You cover fundamentals of Excel for the first 2 weeks on this platform with over 200 knowledge videos. Then you join a Virtual class to cover 10 virtual sessions.

  • How long is each Virtual Session?

    Each Virtual Session lasts two hours and is highly interactive. There is a 15 minute break in the middle and it is fully instructor led.

  • How long do I have access to the course content and platform?

    You have access to this platform will all the course content, videos, exercise files and access to the trainer via discussion forum for life. We will never switch you off.

  • Can I defer my Session?

    Deferral requests are treated on a case by case basis. Please email with your request.

  • Are the videos available offline?

    Our videos are only available for streaming online. But you can download all exercise files and materials.


David Brown

FCA, Microsoft MVP

David has worked with and taught Excel and financial modelling to over 4,000 people in the last 22 years. He is the Managing Partner of dbrownconsulting where he runs the Consulting Division.He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria & a Financial Analyst with over 16 years experience working as a Business intelligence, Financial Modelling & Tax Consultant with Arthur Andersen, KPMG & dbrownconsulting.He is also an International Consultant to the World Bank on Oil Revenue Modelling and is a registered financial adviser.David attained the Master Trainer & Master Instructional Designer designation from the Association for Talent Development (ATD).He is passionate about Financial Modelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics especially with Microsoft Power BI and Excel and regularly host meetups and speaker event in Nigeria and around the world.