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Learn to Harness the Value of Data

David Brown

Learn Excel Essentials for Reporting in 5 Days

This free course will give you staged access to short videos over the next 5 Days to demystify how Microsoft Excel really works.

David Brown

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals for Analysts

The Course teaches the Microsoft Excel Skills that all Analysts need to be productive. Also covers all Excel topics required for the Level 1 FMI Certification

David Brown

AFM Exam Model Build - A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to build a Financial Model under Exam conditions using the Sampel Exam for Level 1 of the Financial Modeling Institute for the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) designation.


Advanced Financial Modeler - Premium Package

Full Courses Bundle for the AFM Designation

David Brown

Report Automation in Modern Excel

Learn a powerful methodology to automate any report & dashboard in Excel (with no VBA) & watch it update all by itself every minute.

David Brown

Lookup Functions in Excel

Learn to Master the inner workings and correct for the limitations of the core lookup functions: VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, CHOOSE and more