Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Knowledge Refresher & Quiz

  • 3

    Lookup Functions in Excel

    • Download the Exercise Files

    • Overview of lookup Functions

    • The VLOOKUP Function

    • The MATCH Function

    • MATCH Function to the rescue of the VLOOKUP function

    • The HLOOKUP Function

    • MATCH Function to the rescue of the HLOOKUP Function

    • VLOOKUP Hidden Feature part 1 of 2

    • VLOOKUP Hidden Feature part 2 of 2

    • Using INDEX

    • Using INDEX & MATCH

  • 4

    Get Data with Power Query

    • Get Data with Power Query

    • Lab - Get Data with Power Query

    • Getting External Data Into Excel

    • Connect To Excel Files in a Folder

    • Consolidate Excel Work Books

    • Transforming Data Types

    • Loading Your Query to Excel

    • Power Query Chapter Quiz

  • 5

    Reporting Building Blocks

    • Report Building Blocks

    • Lab - Report Building Blocks

    • Simple Report Template

    • Identify your Report Criteria

    • Automate with SUMIFS

    • SUMIFS and the Date Criteria Hack

    • Reporting Building Blocks Chapter Quiz

  • 6

    Introduction to PivotTables in Excel

    • Download the Exercise Files

    • 5 ways of Reporting in Modern Excel.mp4

    • 5 Reasons to use PivotTables

    • Understanding 7 Golden rules of Data

    • Overview of PivotTables

  • 7

    Working with PivotTable

    • Working with the Excel Table Tool

    • Planning your PivotTable reports with Fields List

    • Creating a simple PivotTable Report

    • Using PivotTable recommendations

    • Designing a PivotTable Report

    • Creating weekly Report with PivotTables

    • Managing dates in PivotTables

  • 8

    Working with Calculations in PivotTable

    • Showing Percentage Calculations in PivotTables

    • Creating Running Total Calculations in PivotTables

    • Filtering a PivotTable with slicers

    • Sorting a PivotTable Report

  • 9

    Build a Smart Dashboard with Pivot Charts

    • Download Exercise File

    • Build a smart Dashboard with Pivot Charts

    • Planning your Pivot Chart Dashboard Build

    • Building a Simple Chart Based on a Plan

    • Adding Data Labels to your Pivot Chart

    • Inserting Modifying Slicers in Pivot Charts

    • Comparing Monthly Performance with Pivot Charts

    • Finalising your Pivot Chart Dashboard

    • Smart Formatting Tricks for Pivot Charts

    • Using AI for extract insights from your Data

  • 10

    Virtual Sessions

    • Introduction

  • 11

    Session 1

    • PE1 Files

    • Content Overview

    • Download Exercise Files

    • Combining Two Functions in Excel

  • 12

    Session 2

    • Content Overview

    • Download the Session's Files

    • Session Assignment (applying VLOOKUP Function in Excel)

  • 13

    Session 3

    • Content Overview

  • 14

    Session 4

    • Content Overview

  • 15


    • Instructions

    • More resources for you

    • Evaluate & get your Certificate

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live sessions delivered via GoTo Training

Starting 15 Mar 2021
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  • How does Virtual Training Work?

    You cover fundamentals of Excel for the first 2 weeks on this platform with over 200 knowledge videos. Then you join a Virtual class to cover 10 virtual sessions.

  • How long is each Virtual Session?

    Each Virtual Session lasts two hours and is highly interactive. There is a 15 minute break in the middle and it is fully instructor led.

  • How long do I have access to the course content and platform?

    You have access to this platform will all the course content, videos, exercise files and access to the trainer via discussion forum for life. We will never switch you off.

  • Can I defer my Session?

    Deferral requests are treated on a case by case basis. Please email with your request.

  • Are the videos available offline?

    Our videos are only available for streaming online. But you can download all exercise files and materials.

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