Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • What to expect

    • Getting Ready for Virtual Training with dbrownconsulting

    • How to use this Platform

    • Your Expectations

  • 2

    Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform

    • Introduction to Power Platform

    • Introduction to Power Apps

    • Introduction to Power BI

    • Introduction to Power Automate

    • Introduction to Power Virtual Agent

    • Setting Up a Trial Environment

  • 3

    Understanding Power Apps

    • Understanding Apps

    • Types of Power Apps

    • Canvas App

    • Portal Apps

    • Test Your Knowledge

  • 4

    Building your Canvas App

    • Build your Power App

    • Customise your PowerApps

    • Automate your App

    • Add a new a screen

    • Add the Home button

    • Create your home screen

  • 5

    Understanding Power Automate

    • Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

    • How to create a cloud flow from a template in Power Automate

    • Different Types Of Flows in Power Automate

    • Best practices in Power Automate Part 1

    • Best practices in Power Automate part 2

    • How to build your first flow

    • How to create a cloud flow from a template in Power Automate

    • How to Automate Microsoft forms responses

    • How to manage your flows_ Save, test, turn off, share, and troubleshoot

    • How to manage flows as an Administrator

  • 6

    Understanding Power Virtual Agent

    • Use Power Virtual Agents bots as skills with Bot Framework bots

    • Get topic suggestions from bot sessions with AI-assisted authoring

    • Power Virtual Agents_ Flow templates in Teams

    • Power Virtual Agents_ Microsoft Teams integration

  • 7

    Process Automation with Power Platform

    • Copy of 4 Applications of Power Platform

    • How Power BI Started

    • What is Power BI

    • What Power Automate can do

  • 8

    Understanding Power BI

    • Building standard Visualizations

    • Process Automation-

    • Interface of Power Automate

    • Flow design in Power Automate

    • Flow design for dataset refresh

    • SharePoint Folder for database

    • Outlook, SharePoint and Power BI practical flow

    • Understanding Power Query

    • Connecting Power BI to SharePoint

    • Refresh in Power BI

    • Introduction to Power BI Service

    • Publishing in Power BI

    • Settings in Power BI service

  • 9

    Bonus Content

    • Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification

  • 10

    Visualization in Power BI

    • Introduction to Visuals

    • Create Visualizations

    • Hierarchical axis and concatenating

    • Filters and TopN

    • Combo Charts

    • Analytics Pane

    • Clustering Data

    • Slicers

    • Date Slicers

    • Map Visualizations

    • Tables and Matrixes

    • Table Styles

    • Create and Format a Scatter chart

    • Waterfall Chart and Funnel Chart

    • Gauge,Cards and KPI Visuals

    • Coloring charts

    • Static Images

    • Visual interactions

    • Duplicate and Rename a Power BI report page

    • Show categories with no data

    • Visuals Summarization

    • Organizing your report

    • Creating and Working with hierarchies

    • Building standard Visualizations

    • Use advanced interactions and drill through

    • Publish and Export Reports

    • Inserting a logo in Power BI

    • Using Text Box in Power BI

    • Area Chart in Power BI

    • Top N Using the Multi Row Card Visual-

    • AI Visuals in Power BI

    • Line Chart in Power BI

    • AI Visuals in Power BI

    • Edit Interaction in Power BI

    • Visualization Quiz

  • 11

    Evaluate the Virtual Course

    • Instructions

    • Evaluate & get your Certificate

    • How to Attach your Certificates to your LinkedIn Profile

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David Brown

FCA, Microsoft MVP

David has worked with and taught Excel and financial modelling to over 4,000 people in the last 22 years. He is the Managing Partner of dbrownconsulting where he runs the Consulting Division.He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria & a Financial Analyst with over 16 years experience working as a Business intelligence, Financial Modelling & Tax Consultant with Arthur Andersen, KPMG & dbrownconsulting.He is also an International Consultant to the World Bank on Oil Revenue Modelling and is a registered financial adviser.David attained the Master Trainer & Master Instructional Designer designation from the Association for Talent Development (ATD).He is passionate about Financial Modelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics especially with Microsoft Power BI and Excel and regularly host meetups and speaker event in Nigeria and around the world.

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