Course curriculum

As a virtual Course you need to complete all this prework before the end of the 4 Week period. Please visit the Virtual Sessions section for Details on Links and Assignments

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Getting Started with Office 365

    • What is Office 365?

    • Sign in to Office

    • Working from anywhere with

    • Update your Profile on Office 365

    • How to change your Office 365 Password

    • Getting Office 365 on your Android Phone

    • Getting Office 365 on your iPhones & iPads

    • Office 365 on Windows phones

    • How to Setup One Drive for Business

    • How to Setup a SharePoint Site

  • 3

    Office 365 Basics

    • Overview of Office 365

    • Create, Save & Open Files

    • Create a File from a Template

    • Renaming your Files

    • Switch between Online and Desktop

    • Zoom in or out

    • View files in Split and multiple windows

    • Preview and Print Files

    • Office 365 Basics Quiz

  • 4

    Word Essentials

    • The Microsoft Word Interface

    • What is Word

    • Create a Document

    • Add and Edit Text

    • Add and Format Text

    • Create and Format a document

    • Creating bulleted and numbered lists in Word

    • Research, edit, and design in Word

    • Changing Line Spacing in Word

    • How to Apply Styles to your Document

    • How to Apply Themes to your Document

    • Inserting Headers and Footers in your Document

    • Inserting and Modifying Page Numbers in your Document

    • Working with Page Breaks

    • Word 2016 for Windows keyboard shortcuts

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 5

    Excel Essentials

  • 6

    PowerPoint Essentials

    • What is PowerPoint

    • Create and Format a Presentation in PowerPoint

    • Design in PowerPoint

    • Working with the Slide Master

    • Align Objects in PowerPoint

    • Stacking Shapes, Pictures and Objects

    • Add, rearrange, duplicate and delete slides

    • Apply a Slide Layout

    • Using Themes in PowerPoint

    • Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint

    • Adding a Background Picture to your slide

    • Add or record Audio in your slides

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 7

    Microsoft Teams Essentials

    • Welcome to Microsoft Teams

    • What is Microsoft Teams?

    • Get your team up and running

    • Go-to guide for team owners

    • Organize your teams list

    • Overview of teams and channels

    • Work in channels

    • Work on a file together

    • Create a plan with Planner

    • Upload and share files

    • Find and filter files

    • Send email to a channel

    • Manage meetings

    • Create instant meetings with Meet now

    • Microsoft Teams Adoption Guide

  • 8

    Outlook Essentials

    • What is Outlook

    • Setting up Outlook

    • Overview of your inbox

    • Working with Outlook

    • Create and send email

    • Create your Email Signature

    • Attaching documents and pictures

    • Get Organised with Categories, Flags, Reminders or Colours

    • Adding Contacts

    • How to create tasks and a to-do list

  • 9

    Get Organised with Outlook Calendar

    • Intro to Calendar

    • Create Appointments and Meetings

    • Schedule an Online Meeting

    • Share a Calendar

    • Import Calendars

    • How to Search for Calendar Items

    • Get organised with Colour Categories and reminders

  • 10

    Microsoft Visio Essentials

    • Introduction to Microsoft Visio

    • Using Visio shapes

    • Change the drawing scale

    • Choose the right view for the task

    • Change grid spacing size

  • 11

    Microsoft Power BI Essentials

    • Microsoft Power BI

    • Working with AI in Power BI

    • Creating Reports

    • Data Protection in Power BI

    • Monitor your organisation's BI

  • 12

    Microsoft Power Apps Essentials

    • Microsoft Power Apps

    • AI Builder in Power Apps

    • Extend Power Platform with APIs

  • 13

    More Microsoft Office 365 Apps

    • Microsoft Stream

    • Introduction to Yammer

    • Introduction to Sharepoint

    • Microsoft Planner

    • Microsoft To-Do

    • Microsoft Kaizala

    • OneDrive for Business

    • Microsoft Forms

    • Microsoft Project

    • What is Sway?

    • Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

    • Microsoft Power Automate

    • Microsoft Delve

    • Microsoft MyAnalytics

  • 14

    Top Productivity Tips With Office 365

    • O365: Find Out What is New in Office 365

    • O365: Co-author Office files

    • O365: Collaborate with Comments

    • 0365: Using Icons in your documents

    • Excel: Live Workbook Collaboration with others

    • Excel: Protect an Excel File

    • Excel: Analyse your Data Instantly

    • Excel: Use Sparklines to show Data Trends

    • Word: Find and Replace Text in Word

    • Word: Improve your Grammar

    • Word: Automating Table of Contents

    • Word: Tips for working with Text and Pictures in Word

    • Outlook: Trick to Setup your Gmail account in Outlook

    • Outlook: Recall or Replace a sent email

    • Outlook: Quickly Cleanup your Inbox

    • Outlook: Get Organised with Rules and Folders

    • Outlook: Import Contacts from Excel

    • PowerPoint: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence with Design Ideas

    • PowerPoint: Organise slides into sections

    • PowerPoint: Inserting a Linked Excel Chart

    • PowerPoint: Using Morph Transition for special effects

    • Best practices for collaborating with Office 365

    • Work remotely with Microsoft 365

    • A new way to work together

  • 15

    Shortcuts, Cheat Sheets & Guides

    • Excel: Quick Start Guide

    • Excel: 50 Excel for Windows Shortcut Keys

    • Excel: All Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Outlook: Cheat Sheet Outlook Mobile Android

    • Outlook: Cheat Sheet Outlook Mobile iOS

    • Word: All Keyboard shortcuts

    • PowerPoint: All Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 16

    Virtual Sessions

  • 17

    Session 1

    • Virtual Session

    • Exercise Files & Assignments

  • 18

    Session 2

    • Virtual Session

    • Exercise Files & Assignments

  • 19

    Session 3

    • Virtual Session

    • Exercise Files & Assignments

  • 20

    Session 4

    • Virtual Session

    • Exercise Files & Assignments

  • 21

    Session 5

    • Virtual Session

  • 22

    Session 6

    • Virtual Session

  • 23

    Course Evaluation

    • Instructions

    • More resources for you

    • Evaluate & get your Certificate

    • How to Attach your Certificates to your LinkedIn Profile

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What People Have to Say...

10,000+ people are learning on our platform

“Attempting to tackle the AFM Exam is a bit daunting, which is why this course really shines brightly. Unlike many of the other excellent modeling courses out there, this course specifically focuses on the AFM exam and is a great combination of reviewing modeling skills and fine-tuning your exam preparation. This course is like the capstone to your AFM Exam preparation pyramid. There's nothing quite like it out there yet. It reviews the hard skills, sharpens the soft skills such as template preparation, gives exam tips to save time, advises on how to approach the exam, and brings all the needed skills together in an excellently paced course. Highly recommended. ”

Rasheed Davis

“Excel Essentials for Reporting is a wonderful course. It unearths the secrets on which Excel is built and presents it in a very simple manner. I found a solution to a problem I have grappled with for a long time in this course. DBrown training did a great job that deserve to be commended. Thank you for this course and may your reward be great in your chosen enterprise of expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the IT industry. Regards. Engr. Okumo Ipigansi”

Ipigansi Okumo

“Your course on Report Automation in Modern Excel is indeed an eye opener as to the many possibilities in Microsoft Excel. The training is superb and very informative with great content. I enjoyed every minute of the videos and it has provided me with a greater level of understanding, additional skills and knowledge, to aid my numerous tasks in the office. Report Automation in Modern Excel is suitable for all who analyze data. The course delivery is excellent. DBrown Consulting, please keep it up.”

Otti Grant Onyeukwu

“Clearly, the use of lookup functions in Excel cannot be overemphasized. Mr. David in less than an hour 30 mins will take you to a realm of possibilities (previously thought of as impossibilities or not thought of at all) through this training. The delivery of the videos was succinct and concise; be prepared to get much value from this training.”

Akinwunmi Bello

“I was really impressed with the simplicity of the lessons and the ease of learning. Looking forward to taking more courses.”

Tomilola Sadare

“I particularly love the flow of teaching, its unconstrained. Also, the fact that you are spurred to practise on your own, and tweak as you are taught - not been spoonfed. I am always waiting for the release of the next class. Thank you David.”

Adebayo Aderohunmu

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  • How does Virtual Training Work?

    You cover fundamentals of Excel for the first 2 weeks on this platform with over 200 knowledge videos. Then you join a Virtual class to cover 10 virtual sessions.

  • How long is each Virtual Session?

    Each Virtual Session lasts two hours and is highly interactive. There is a 15 minute break in the middle and it is fully instructor led.

  • How long do I have access to the course content and platform?

    You have access to this platform will all the course content, videos, exercise files and access to the trainer via discussion forum for life. We will never switch you off.

  • Can I defer my Session?

    Deferral requests are treated on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] with your request.

  • Are the videos available offline?

    Our videos are only available for streaming online. But you can download all exercise files and materials.


David Brown

FCA, Microsoft MVP

David has worked with and taught Excel and financial modelling to over 4,000 people in the last 22 years. He is the Managing Partner of dbrownconsulting where he runs the Consulting Division.He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria & a Financial Analyst with over 16 years experience working as a Business intelligence, Financial Modelling & Tax Consultant with Arthur Andersen, KPMG & dbrownconsulting.He is also an International Consultant to the World Bank on Oil Revenue Modelling and is a registered financial adviser.David attained the Master Trainer & Master Instructional Designer designation from the Association for Talent Development (ATD).He is passionate about Financial Modelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics especially with Microsoft Power BI and Excel and regularly host meetups and speaker event in Nigeria and around the world.