Learn Excel Essentials for Reporting (in 5 Days)

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Report Automation in Modern Excel

Course description

The Course is an extract of our highly acclaimed Report Automation in Modern Excel Course. 

It is designned to quickly get you started with the basic formulas and techniques needed to quickly automate a report.

You will learn some best practices in using Excel and be on your way to becoming proficient.

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David Brown
David Brown
FCA, Microsoft MVP

David Brown is an ATD Master Trainer and Master Instructional Designer. He is also a Microsoft MVP, an International Consultant to the World Bank, a Chartered Accountant and the founder and Managing Partner of dbrownconsulting, a Lagos-based consulting and Analyst training firm. David is also a regular speaker at International conferences and events.

David and his team at dbrownconsulting develop self-service reporting tools to automate the tedious process of cross reporting on LMS Data, HR & Training Data and Other Data silos in organisations, providing great insights for management with minutes without the need for new software.

He is also a passionate facilitator, he has trained thousands in technical courses such as Financial Modelling, Business Intelligence and Analytics with Power BI, Finance for non-Financial Managers and much more. He develops unique methodologies, frameworks and job aids to simplify tedious tasks at work as well as make the facilitation and learning of complex topics fun and sticky.

He was awarded the Microsoft MVP award in 2018 for his tireless support of the technical community where he hosts monthly online meetups in Excel & Power BI and Financial Modeling, Live events and thought leadership in Excel, Power BI and Data Analytics platforms. He also hosts a monthly webinar on Talent Development.

He leads a team of trainers/instructional designers in developing, designing and implementing blended learning courses for Analyst, his work can be viewed on www.OfficeTrainingHub.com and his firm's corporate website www.dbrownconsulting.net.

Contact him on LinkedIn on https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidbrownprofile/

Reviews (43)


by Idowu Otunaiya

by Abubakar Otun

An Expert in excel with 5 days

by Oluwatosin Adeyemi
This course on Excel is great and I enjoyed every package on the course. I learnt and became an expert in Excel within 5 days! Great Work David Brown!
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by Idowu Otunaiya

by Abubakar Otun

An Expert in excel with 5 days

by Oluwatosin Adeyemi
This course on Excel is great and I enjoyed every package on the course. I learnt and became an expert in Excel within 5 days! Great Work David Brown!


by Okolo Chukwuebuka
Excel made easy...

Learn Excel Essentials for Reporting in 5 Day

by Elizabeth Olorunfemi
It is an interesting video, quite helpful with short code tips.


The Reporting Infrastructure

by Udoka Obi


by Tomilola Sadare
I was really impressed with the simplicity of the lessons and the ease of learning. Looking forward to taking more courses.

Reporting Infrastructure

by Abdulwadud Mohammed
Simple and easy to comprehend.

so important and entertaining

by Oguikpe Chidiebere
seven golden rules in excell on line class is the summary of the whole class.so happy to be part of the class.

by chioma obiorah

Learn Excel Essentials for Reporting in 5 Days

by Gregory O Echekwube
It is a very instructive and guiding course. It helps us to form a solid foundation in Excel.

Reporting Excel

by Esther Olasupo
Excel is absolutely amazing, looking forward to learn and understand more.

work in progress

by bethuel udemba
So satisfied with what i have learnt so far, knowing full well that with more of this course and practice, i would be able to sharpen my skills

by Ndubuisi Emekalam

by Shellee McClure

by Rakiya Isa
Learn Excel Essentials for Reporting on line very intresting


by Olugbenga Johnson


by oladipupo lateef
3 SHEETS TO AUTOMATE ARE Data sheet Report sheet control sheet The seven Golden Rules Only 1 row of headings No empty rows No empty columns Dates must be in a single column . etc

Excellent way of learning so far so good

by Beatrice Nwamba

Mr Ekea

by Ekea Chris
Learning Excel essential is a good course,but more of it is needed. This kind of excel essential is advance excel not many people has come to across this kind of training.

The excel is very educative and it is very interesting



by Abosede Titilayo Adekunle

Excel Essentials for Reporting in 5 Days

by Daniel Ajuzie
This is very interesting. I hope to have more of it.

Office training in 5days

by mohammed adamu karshi
The course is very interesting and rich to learn

Online training on excel

by lydia nyamali
I thought of learning the basic online excel essentials course for reporting in 5 days.

So Far So Great

by Bamidele Ojo
Its been very exciting experience for me. I enjoy the simplicity and practical experience garnered so far. Thank you very much for this


by Emmanuel Imoni

Learn and Tweak

by Adebayo Aderohunmu
I particularly love the flow of teaching, its unconstrained. Also, the fact that you are spurred to practise on your own, and tweak as you are taught - not been spoonfed. I am always waiting for the release of the next class. Thank you David.

A Step In The Right Direction

by Temitayo Adeyemo
I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course from start to finish. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.


by Shereef Jinadu
Seamless learning experience

Good Training Technique

by obianuju akor
I love this training, very educative, made notes and practiced as well. I also love that I can get trained and be certified and distance is not a barrier.


by Abraam mordi
Excellent, Excel made easy

deeply enlightening!!!!

by olaoluwa temilola

by Emmanuel Nwambuonwo


by Mustapha Suberu

The topics are essential and well taught. more of this is needed

The explanations are simple and easy to understand, which is what most learners appreciate. i advise that repetition of explanations be made for a lasting impact on the learners.

Wonderful Course. DBrown Training, you did a good job.

by Ipigansi Okumo
Excel Essentials for Reporting is a wonderful course. It unearths the secrets on which Excel is built and presents it in a very simple manner. I found a solution to a problem I have grappled with for a long time in this course. DBrown training did a great job that deserve to be commended. Thank you for this course and may your reward be great in your chosen enterprise of expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the IT industry. Regards. Engr. Okumo Ipigansi

As essential as the title is...

by Akinwunmi Bello
With the "Lookup functions in excel" training and this "Excel EssentiaIs" I have just completed, I already built an amazing report which got me lots of good feedback after it was sent to those who requested for it. I saved time, it was more organised, and it just looked like it had so much of quality. I fell in love with it myself, but I know there's still more that I need to know to be better than I am at the moment. I am glad to have taken this course! Thanks David for the bonus sections too, they have been really helpful.

Highly Recommended!

by Modupe Sanda
I've been using Excel for over a decade now and I still managed to pick up 1 or 2 more new nuggets here. Very useful training. Sets up basic principles for developing Excel models and reports in very straightforward and simple bite-size lessons. I'll highly recommend it for anyone that uses Microsoft Excel. No matter your current competence level, you'll learn something.