Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Basics of Investment Appraisal

    • Overview Video

    • Course Objective

    • Two Basic Concepts In Corporate Finance

    • Time Value of Money Risk and Returns

    • Introduction to Investment Appraisal

    • Identifying relevant cashflows

    • Identifying CashFlows

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 3

    Methods of Investment Appraisal

    • Payback Period

    • Discounted payback period and Accounting Rate of Return

    • Net Present Value

    • Internal rate of return

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 4

    Risk & Uncertainty in Investment Appraisal

    • Risk and Uncertainty

    • Sensitivity analysis

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 5

    Probability Analysis Techniques for Investment Appraisal

    • Probability Analysis and Expected Values - Session 4

    • Other techniques of Risk and Uncertainty

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 6

    Specific Investment Appraisal Decisions

    • Lease or Buy Decisions Introduction

    • Lease or Buy Decision, Making the Decision

    • Asset Replacement decisions

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 7

    Capital Rationing

    • Capital Rationing Inroduction

    • Capital Rationing 2

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 8

    Estimating Cost of Capital 1

    • Introduction to Cost of Capital

    • Cost of Debt

    • Cost of Preference Shares

    • Chapter Quiz

  • 9

    Estimating Cost of Capital 2

    • Cost of Equity - Dividend Valuation Model

    • Cost of Equity Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM

    • Weighetd Average Cost of Capital WACC

  • 10

    Treasury and Capital Management

    • Treasury Management 1

    • Treasury Management 2

    • Working Capital Management 2

    • Working Capital Management-

    • Working Capital Management 3

  • 11

    Budgeting and Financial Instruments

    • Overview of Budgeting

    • Financial Instrument Definition

    • Financial Instruments - Assests

    • Financial Instruments - Liabilities

    • Financial Instruments - Equity

    • Financial Instruments Derivatives

    • End of Course Video

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    Evaluate the Training Course


Risk and uncertainty need to be measured, understood, and weighed against returns.

This course will describe the principles and introduce tools and models you can use to perform investment appraisal calculations. You will also learn about the qualitative issues that affect the decision-making process; these include certain behavioral aspects of finance that need to be considered when appraising projects.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Apply the different investment appraisal techniques

  • Apply the impact of inflation and tax on investment decisions

  • Adjust for Risk and Uncertainty in Investment decisions

  • Apply the models to specific decision making

  • Estimate Cost of Capital and show good understanding of sources of finance

  • Understand qualitative and behavioral aspects of the decision-making process

  • • Prepare Investment Appraisal Reports for management review



Training & Management Consulting

Olufemi is a Chartered Certified Accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA Fellow), is currently registered as a Level 2 Candidate of the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA Institute) and holds a BSc. degree from the Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics University of Lagos He has worked in different industries as an accountant and worked as project team lead in all the companies he has served , Olufemi has 14 years industry experience He started his career as an Accounting lecturer for the ACCA qualification and is mostly recognized in the Banking and Audit industries as he has trained many Chartered Accountants and supported them on their way to the top of their careers. He also trained students who went ahead and won ACCA global prizes in Management Accounting and other papers in the ACCA qualification He is currently the Managing Director at Synergy Professionals, one of the Leading ACCA Approved Learning providers in Sub-Sahara Africa