Course Description

This Virtual course is designed to equip you with the much needed techniques that will help you in report building and data analytics. The course is designed to equip you in communicating business data effectively and gain clearer insights through powerful analytics. This course has 143 Lessons which you would need to cover within a study time not less than 67.7 hours. By the end of this course, you would be able to:

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of Power Query.

  • Use a framework for building a Data Model.

  • Assess various data visualization options in Power BI Desktop.

  • Make sense of the DAX formula Language.

  • Produce typical business reports using DAX formulas you will build on a Power BI Data Model.

  • incorporate budget data to your reporting, Building budget variable analysis reports.

  • Produce a complete reporting solution from scratch in a full Day Case Study Session.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    Agenda , Manual & Resources

  • 3

    Overview of Power BI Technologies

    • Overview of Power BI

    • What is Power BI?

    • What is Power BI Desktop?

    • What is the Power BI service?

    • Comparing Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service

    • Introduction to Power Query

    • Introduction to DAX

    • Understanding the Power BI Eco System

    • Download Power BI Desktop

    • Power BI Technologies Quiz

  • 4

    Excel's Reporting Infrastructure

    • Introduction

    • How Excel Works

    • How Dates work in Excel

    • The 7 Golden Rules of Data

    • The 3 Sheet Framework

    • Excel's Reporting Infrastructure Quiz

  • 5

    Understanding Power Query

  • 6

    Overview of Data Modeling

    • What is Data Modelling?

    • Overview of modeling data

    • Manage data relationships

    • Understand star schema Data Model and the importance for Power BI

    • Working with Tables

    • Creating a Date Table

    • Define Data Granularity

    • Working with Relationships and Cardinality

    • Data Modelling Quiz

  • 7

    Overview of Visualisation

    • Create Calculated Columns

    • Introduction to Visuals

    • Create Visualizations

    • Hierarchical axis and concatenating

    • Filters and TopN

    • Combo Charts

    • Analytics Pane

    • Clustering Data

    • Slicers

    • Date Slicers

    • Map Visualizations

    • Tables and Matrixes

    • Table Styles

    • Create and Format a Scatter chart

    • Waterfall Chart and Funnel Chart

    • Gauge,Cards and KPI Visuals

    • Coloring charts

    • Static Images

    • Visual interactions

    • Duplicate and Rename a Power BI report page

    • Show categories with no data

    • Visuals Summarization

    • Organizing your report

    • Creating and Working with hierarchies

    • Use advanced interactions and drill through

    • Tune Report Performance

    • Publish and Export Reports

    • Visualization Quiz

  • 8

    Overview of DAX

    • Introduction in DAX

    • DAX Calculation types

    • DAX Functions

    • Writing DAX Formulas

    • DAX Expressions and Variables

    • Tables relationships and DAX

    • DAX works with Tables

    • Creating Calculated Columns

    • DAX Quiz

  • 9

    Analyzing Data with Power BI

    • Connect to Data Sources

    • Clean and transform data with Power Query Editor

    • Create Visuals in Power BI

    • Share a Power BI Report

  • 10

    Virtual Sessions

  • 11

    Session 1

    • Virtual Session

    • Dirty Data Samples

    • Historical Sales Data

    • Factsales Demo

    • Connecting to a Data Source

    • Dirty Data 1

    • Dirty Data 2

    • Dirty Data 3

    • Session 1 Assignment

  • 12

    Session 2

    • Virtual Session

    • Historical Sales Data

    • D_Calender Data

    • Building Factfile and Dimension Files in Power Query

    • Building Connection in Modelling View

    • Assignment - Session 2

  • 13

    Session 3

    • Virtual Session

    • Assignment - Session 3

  • 14

    Session 4

    • Virtual Session

    • Power BI Best Practices

    • Assignment - Session 4

  • 15

    Session 5

    • Virtual Session

    • Inserting a logo in Power BI

    • Using Text Box in Power BI

    • Area Chart in Power BI

    • Slicers in Power BI

    • Top N Using the Multi Row Card Visual-

    • Line Chart in Power BI

    • AI Visuals in Power BI

    • Edit Interaction in Power BI

    • Power BI Capstone Project

  • 16

    Session 6

    • Virtual Session

  • 17

    Evaluate the Classroom Course


  • How does Virtual Training Work?

    You cover fundamentals of Excel for the first 2 weeks on this platform with over 200 knowledge videos. Then you join a Virtual class to cover 10 virtual sessions.

  • How long is each Virtual Session?

    Each Virtual Session lasts two hours and is highly interactive. There is a 15 minute break in the middle and it is fully instructor led.

  • How long do I have access to the course content and platform?

    You have access to this platform will all the course content, videos, exercise files and access to the trainer via discussion forum for life. We will never switch you off.

  • Can I defer my Session?

    Deferral requests are treated on a case by case basis. Please email with your request.

  • Are the videos available offline?

    Our videos are only available for streaming online. But you can download all exercise files and materials.


Adewale Yusuf

Microsoft MVP & MCT

Adewale is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Data Platform and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) in Business intelligence and analysis, among other certifications he is a Microsoft certified Solution Associate and a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Functional Consultant. Wale facilitates our Data Analytics courses including, Excel, Office 365, Power BI, Power Apps and Advanced Presentation Skills. He is passionate about impacting knowledge to the community and currently leads many usergroups and communities driving Data Analytic Competencies.

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